Philadelphia Eagles Legendary Coach, Dick Vermeil Interview

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Jan 18, 2014; Carson, CA, USA; National team head coach Dick Vermeil with the Championship Trophy as his team defeated the American team 31-17 in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl game at StubHub Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

BG: When you coached how involved were you in the draft process and when it came to drafting a player who usually had the final say, you or the GM?

DV: “My first three years. My first two teams were the Eagles and the Rams, I had 51% vote. I had the final decision. Now that didn’t mean I didn’t include everybody, because I did, but I had 51% vote on the roster. With the Kansas City Chiefs I did not. It didn’t bother me, it didn’t hurt me or anything, I mean you work together anyway.”

BG: How much scouting did you do yourself? 

DV: “I did some, I wasn’t on the road a lot. I went out some, but not a lot, because first you get the videos at home back at the old office, and you paid people to do that, and really your responsibilities are within your own building. When you’re not there, there’s no one there doing your job.”

BG: When you coached, how much stock was put into events such as the combine, and do you believe that more stock is put into it now than when you were a coach.

DV: “Well I think we put an awful lot into the combine, but it was only solving pieces of the puzzle. You know, it was only a contributor. It was not a decision maker. Now, if there was a player that you were borderline on, it either could make him or break him in regard to your evaluation process. Sometimes you go there and the guy appears to be better than you thought he was, so you upgrade him a little bit.”

“Sometimes you go there and the guy doesn’t appear to be as good as you thought he was, so you degrade him a little bit. You’ve got to be careful though putting too much stock and letting that make your decision for you.”

BG: How important is it to have undrafted free agents or late round picks to produce for your team?

DV: “Well, I’ll tell you this, you know I had one world championship team, the quarterback was a free agent undrafted college player, the left guard was an undrafted college player, the center was an undrafted college, the right guard was an undrafted college player, the starting defensive tackle was an undrafted college player, the outside linebacker, who made the tackle, that won the game, Mike Jones, was an undrafted college free agent. So they are critical to your success.”

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