Philadelphia Eagles Draft Keys On Cornerback

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Dec 28, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants wide receiver

Odell Beckham

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Philadelphia Eagles Draft Keys On Cornerback

The Philadelphia Eagles have to come to a realization that they cannot hope to fill their roster with 22 starting all pro players. It’s economically impossible. Each year during off-season, the fans don their deputy General Manager hats and vote which players need to go and which need to stay. Simple enough when you pick and choose which part of the general manager role you elect to voice an opinion on.

But the reality of the NFL was never more apparent than the 2015 off-season, when the Eagles shaved the committed payroll to virtually half of the overall annual salary cap. Despite that enormous amount of available dollars, they failed to resign their starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, they failed to sign a new starting safety to replace departing safety Nate Allen, and they failed to sign an offensive guard to fill the void left by long-time veteran Todd Herremans. Yes, they replaced two cornerbacks, and filled the void left at running back with not one but two of the premier running backs of the NFL.

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They even swapped quarterbacks with Saint Louis, with additional picks given to the Rams, for the services of quarterback Sam Bradford.  Was it the right move?  Was it the wrong move?  If you already have an opinion entrenched in an unshakable spot, you’ve forgotten the most basic of rules from NFL moves.  Don’t judge them until you’ve seen them play.

But if you are concerned, you’ve cause to be.   Health concerns of players trouble the hearts of the most astute NFL prognosticators.  Yet, despite that hesitance, Chip Kelly has made it a point to sign players who seem to have one thing in common.  Injury.   Has some study just been published that poo-poos concerns for atheletes production to decline after a joint injury, and only the “Chippah” has bothered to read it?  Perhaps.    But it’s clearly a direction that others in the NFL are already to mimic if Kelly has success in the immediate future.  Despite the fans adversion to risk, this head coach seems to aim towards it, bask in it, relish it.

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  • Each move has generated it’s own buzz amongst the fans. “What does it mean?” “Will that player be able to return to pre-injury production?” “Can the Eagles say they’ve upgraded, or simply taken on more risk?”