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Mar 22, 2015; Tempe, AZ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly in attendance during the NFL Veteran Combine at the Arizona Cardinals training facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have not drafted a single player in the 2015 NFL Draft yet, nor are they playing any actual football. But there has been a ton of news, announcements and rumors over the past week or so. That means it’s time to take a step back and break down what exactly has happened with the Eagles recently. So here’s the latest news regarding the only promising sports franchise in the City of Brotherly Love…the Philadelphia Eagles, of course!

Tim Tebow

The Eagles signing of “quarterback” Tim Tebow is fairly insignificant. There is no way head coach Chip Kelly puts Tebow into a meaningful game and asks him to throw the ball. He could be utilized for some short-yardage/trick plays, but overall in 2015 it would be surprising if Tebow made more than five appearances in regular season games.

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2015 NFL Regular Season Schedule

For all the nay-saying that has been so prevalent in recent weeks due to  the controversial moves Kelly has been making, the release of the 2015 NFL schedule clearly shows us that the league thinks the Eagles are the team to watch. With five prime time night games, and two more four o’clock games that will be America’s Games of the Week, the NFL schedule-makers are giving football fans a heavy dose of Kelly’s football team.

Ed Marynowitz Speaks

The Eagles new VP of Player Personnel, Ed Marynowitz, addressed the Philadelphia media for the first time ever on Thursday. Without divulging any inside information, he did offer a few tid bits. The Eagles have three categories to which they rank their prospects: overall skill set and versatility, how well the player fits the Eagles’ scheme, and the intangibles (character, attitude, love of the game, etc.). Although these three categories pretty much encompass all possible attributes, in a few days the Eagles will reveal to the world which players scored well across the board. Marynowitz also stated that the Eagles believe there are starting-caliber players to be acquired in middle rounds at the offensive line, wide receiver and cornerback/safety positions. These three positions happen to be needs for this football team. Does this hint towards the Eagles seeking out an edge rusher, or perhaps a quarterback, in earlier rounds??

Marcus Mariota

With the draft being just days away, the Marcus Mariota talk is stronger than ever. The latest trade rumors involve the Eagles moving linebacker Mychal Kendricks, defensive end Fletcher Cox, quarterback Sam Bradford, and the 20th pick in a three-way trade (involving the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans) to land the 2nd overall pick from the Titans.

There have been rumors recently that Kendricks and Kelly do not see eye-to-eye. Kendricks is a good player, but if Kelly feels he is not a fit for his team, then he needs to use him as trade bait. The loss of these two defensive starters would reverberate throughout the unit in 2015, but if Kelly believes Mariota can be his Tom Brady, Kelly should make the move. However, all of the possible Mariota-trade scenarios bank on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting someone not named Marcus Mariota.

Kelly has known for a long time that getting into a position to draft Mariota (without offering Tampa Bay years of first round picks) would take expertise, but it would also take luck. So if luck did not do its part for Chip, he would still need a quarterback–enter Bradford. Chip looked over all the potential quarterback prospects and free agents, then decided that if lady luck stands him up on draft day, his best bet is with Bradford until the right guy comes along in a future draft.

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