Report: Titans Showed Interest In Eagles’ Bradford Before


According to a report by Ian Rapoport of, the Tennessee Titans have shown interest in current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford before. Prior to being traded to the City of Brotherly Love, the Titans inquired with the St. Louis Rams months ago about Bradford’s availability.

This report is certainly interesting because the Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly are clearly trying to trade up for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. If the Titans are still interested in Bradford, this means he could be used in a potential trade up for the former Duck…or not. Rapoport followed up his initial report with the added note that if the Titans truly wanted Bradford, they would have been more engaged in trade discussions with the Rams months ago.

But it’s been reported that the Rams wanted a quarterback in return for Bradford and not just draft picks. So if the Titans didn’t have a quarterback to offer in a deal, like the Eagles had with Nick Foles, maybe that’s why that discussion never got too serious in the first place. With the San Diego Chargers reportedly out of the running for the second overall pick, that takes quarterback Phillip Rivers out of any possible deal.

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So could the Titans now look at adding a quarterback such as Bradford to compete with their current projected starter Zach Mettenberger? Nobody truly knows, but the fact that Tennessee has shown interest in Bradford before is certainly something to keep an eye out for.

It’s clear that Kelly has a master plan in mind for this offseason since he has gained control of all personnel decisions. He’s made questionable move after questionable move and everyone is still waiting to see what his plan is for the 2015 NFL Draft. Obviously landing Mariota would be the ultimate cherry on top to this ridiculous sundae Kelly has put together. But how far is Kelly willing to go to get his quarterback in midnight green in 2015?

Either way, he now has another possible piece to dangle in front of the Titans in a potential deal for the second overall pick. While the Bradford deal looked crazy when it first happen, if it somehow results in the Eagles signing Bradford’s former college roommate, running back DeMarco Murray and then trading up for Mariota, that would be insane. Clearly anything is possible with Kelly running the show now in Philadelphia, hopefully we’ll have some answers in the next 24 hours or so…hopefully.

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