Chip Kelly has an unexpected supporter


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has been a target this offseason. Quite frankly most, if not all, of us are tired of hearing the same flawed rhetoric. Whether it’s former disgruntled players, talking heads on a certain four-lettered network, or just opinionated trolls on the internet, everyone seems to have formed an opinion that is correct. The pads came on today for the Eagles, but the conversation amongst the media will not divulge into that part of training camp. Instead they will continue to fan the fire of a nonexistent flame fueled by a social agenda. Enter Harry Edwards, a symbol of race relations not only in the United States, but globally.

If you’re not familiar with who Harry Edwards is, you might not have followed the history of the 1960’s. Edwards’ accomplishments are aplenty both within and outside the sports world. Edwards even has four Super Bowl rings from his time working with the San Francisco 49ers. Edwards even went to bat for Terrell Owens prior to his arrival in Philadelphia.

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The beginning of training camp should be a cause for celebration. When Tim Tebow was signed by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, we knew that there would be an increased amount of absurdity from the media. All the while, we believed that the focus would stay on football. Instead, it seems that every day another member of the media, particularly with ESPN, is increasing the racism rhetoric. Unfortunately hearsay equates to web-traffic. It’s what built the palace in Bristol, Connecticut.

Despite Edwards coming to the defense of Chip Kelly, the talk surrounding Chip will continue to linger. While the continued presence of Riley Cooper is likely a key cog in this engine, it certainly isn’t the only factor, just the most prevalent. Cooper erred in one of the worst ways possible. There will never be, nor should there be, justification for his actions. His performance on the field is also subject to questioning. While he’s an outstanding run blocker, he has had really only one good season statistically as a wide receiver. Riley Cooper has over $7 million in dead money (money teams must still pay to players if they  are cut or traded) this season. So just as financial reasons led to the trading of LeSean McCoy, they also require Chip Kelly to hold onto Cooper.

The current ebb and flow of sports media is to hammer home a topic and sensationalize it as much as possible. ESPN “analyst” Mark Schlereth said in a podcast yesterday that a bevy of former Philadelphia Eagles players criticized Chip Kelly when they left. Included with his statement was the name of Jeremy Maclin. Unfortunately for his accuracy, Jeremy Maclin has been supportive of Kelly throughout this offseason. But to his nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter, that statement fuels a fire that can only be kept alive through the media’s incessant talking.

At this point, everyone seems to have formulated an opinion on perhaps one of the most overblown stories of the year. For myself, I require a bit more evidence of wrongdoing than accusations with no substance before I label someone guilty of anything. What is ironic however is that Tom Brady is being supported by many members of the media due to the lack of evidence against him. Unfortunately for Chip Kelly, the lack of evidence against him seemingly indicates guilt. At least according to a few prominent members of ESPN (Bomani Jones, Stephen A. Smith, and the aforementioned Mark Schlereth). But rather than take their word for it, I’ll side with Harry Edwards. After all, if there is one person that has gotten involved in this fiasco that is worth listening to, it’s him.

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