Philadelphia Eagles: Who impressed on Sunday?

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4. Marcus Smith Made Plays

Outside linebacker Marcus Smith had a rough start to his career. As a first round selection lofty expectations were thrust onto the young player. Smith underwhelmed and barley saw the field as a rookie. Many labeled him as a bust and were quick to poke fun at him. This offseason, Smith was on a mission to get bigger and stronger and prove that he can bring something to this Philadelphia Eagles football team.

Marcus took a big step forward in doing just that on Sunday. Marcus had a number of impressive plays especially in coverage. Marcus started off his day by making a tackle on a run play, then by having tight coverage on a Colts tight end. He followed that by getting in Colts QB Matt Hasselbeck‘s face to force a bad throw. Later in the game Smith set the edge and forced a short gain on a run, and had a great run stuff when he beat the Colts tackle to get into the backfield to blow up the play.

It’s obvious that Marcus looks more comfortable than a year ago. The team needs Marcus to step up especially because of the injuries that have hit the Eagles OLB group. Smith looked way more productive compared to a year ago and looks like he’s already the teams best cover outside linebacker. Good progress from a player that has all the tools to be a good player.

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