Eagles Analysis: Who failed to impress during the preseason?

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Parkey

Kickers don’t get talked about all that much, but Cody Parkey is a different story. Cody came in late last year and had a great season, making the Pro Bowl as rookie. This year many fans expected the same out of Parkey and it was certain that he would continue his stellar play. As things have turned out, Cody has had a pretty rough summer.

Cody first looked shaky during practice, but hey everyone has off days right? The inaccuracy continued and eventually reared its ugly head during the first two preseason games missing filed goals or kicking bad kickoffs. Parkey even missed an extra point attempt from roughly 33 yards out. Those should be layups to NFL caliber kickers.

Just when things were maybe settling down, Parkey didn’t practice or play the last two weeks of the preseason because of a groin injury. Parkey had groin issues last year so this obviously isn’t a good sign. Parkey needs to get on the field and start booting the ball like we witnessed last year.

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