Philadelphia Eagles Need To Make Adjustments


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If someone were to tell me that the Philadelphia Eagles would be 1-3 in their first four games two months ago, I probably would have laughed in their face. Unfortunately, this is the shocking reality and hopefully head coach Chip Kelly can make adjustments and turn things around. The start of the season hasn’t gone according to plan as multiple players that were brought in to be upgrades have disappointed and a once unstoppable offense can’t seem to get out of its own way. Their needs to be adjustments and soon because this team cannot keep playing like the way they are.

I personally think the biggest problem with this Philadelphia Eagles team is the play calling. Chip Kelly has consistently called conservative, bad timed plays for four games now. Great coaches adjust to their personnel, if you know running back DeMarco Murray is a power back, why do you have him running east and west instead of north and south? If you know that the offensive line isn’t that athletic, why is Chip calling outside zone plays with the interior linemen pulling to get on the edge? Chip needs to tweak his scheme to fit the players he has. Even if making the plays being called a little more basic, at least play to your teams strengths.

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Another huge part of the reason why the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t as good as they should be is the lack of a real run game. This goes hand in hand with play calling, but there have been times when players are just getting blown up on blocks or running backs maybe missing holes. Chip Kelly can call a better game, but he can’t actually go out and block for the players. Murray has only 47 rushing yards in three games, Murray missed a game due to a hamstring injury, but that’s an atrocious stat. Execution just isn’t there for whatever reason. The team itself is only averaging 70 yards rushing per game, Adjustments definitely need to be made to improve the run game.

With the run game being anemic, this has had a direct affect on the passing game. Quarterback Sam Bradford has taken his fair share of heat this season, but the truth is when yore facing third and longs all game, it doesn’t matter if you’re Aaron Rodgers you won’t convert those consistently. When teams know the run game isn’t a threat, the focus shifts to stopping the pass. Chip Kelly needs to also stop being so conservative with the passing game. Bradford has a cannon of an arm, let him use it. Bradford’s biggest issue has been consistency, but when Sam completes that first big pass, he gains more confidence and looks like a completely different QB. The Philadelphia Eagles need to start going deep more often this coming season.

Chip Kelly will not completely change the scheme he has created, but sometimes I think the fast break up tempo offense hurts the team. The Philadelphia Eagles should consider slowing the ball down at times. The fast paced offense maybe causing players to ignore technique and fundamentals, thus leading to the lack of execution. This is more on the unlikely side of adjustments that should be made but I really think the team would benefit from just slowing down from time to time. You don’t have score every touchdown in 2 seconds, being more methodical might help the team catch their breath and rely on technique.

The Philadelphia Eagles have the talent to be a very good team, but it just hasn’t came together for a number of reasons. The Eagles need better playing calling, execution in both the run game and passing game to rest the defense which plays way too many snaps. The good news is that playacting and execution can be fixed relatively quick, the bad news is that the Chip Kelly and the Eagles haven’t looked like they’ve made any really progress. This Sunday everyone will see if the Philadelphia Eagles took these disappointing losses to heart and made adjustments to a faulty scheme and roster.

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