Which Five Eagles Need To Play Well Against Panthers?

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford, Quarterback

Another week in the books and it’s the same story with Quarterback Sam Bradford. Bradford was once again widely inconsistent and threw three horrendous interceptions and a lucky touchdown this past Monday. It seems like the only person that is really holding the team back is Bradford. I keep waiting for the game where we see the potential he occasionally flashes for a full game. No turnovers, pinpoint accuracy, smart quick decisions, these are the things we need to start seeing with Bradford on a consistent basis.

So far Bradford has 9 touchdown, 9 interceptions, 1,561 passing yards, decent numbers but way too many interceptions. Fans are quick to call for backup Mark Sanchez, as do I but more in a troll manner, but the truth is that Sam will be the starter unless he goes down with an injury. All we can do as fans is hope that Bradford can somehow break out of this funk or rust or whatever you want to call it.

The Carolina Panthers are a middle of the pack pass defense. They rank 15th in the NFL and allow 241 yards a game through the air, so their should be chances for Bradford to take advantage of that. If Bradford by some miracle or by the grace of the football gods manages to actually play well and not hinder the team, I think the Philadelphia Eagles win this game easily. This is obviously easier said than done, Sam Bradford really needs to step up this coming Sunday.

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