Which Five Eagles Need To Play Well Against Panthers?

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Fletcher Cox, Defensive End

Any key to winning a game is dominating the one of scrimmage. The Philadelphia Eagles boast one of the most talented defensive lines in all of football. Defensive end Fletcher Cox has been the leader of this nasty group and has been unblock able this season. Cox has 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles this season and will no doubt be in the pro bowl at the end of the year.

Focusing back on to this Sunday, if the Eagles can get to Cam Newton like they did last year, the team should have the win in the bag. Fletcher Cox needs to continue his dominate play and take over the run game as well. Cox tore through the Carolina Panthers offensive line last season, and I like his chances to do the same agin. If Cox can push the pocket into Cam’s face, it will take away his  rushing lanes when he tries to extend the play. That’s when guys like Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham, and Jordan Hicks can chase Newton from an angle rather than behind if he steps up in the pocket.

Cox seems to sharing this same sentiment when he was recently asked about the gameplay on how to stop Cam Newton:

"“Hit him, hit him, hit him, hit him, hit him, even when they run the ball, hit him. I think that will shake him up a bit, make him frustrated and that’s when all quarterbacks start doing crazy things.” – Fletcher Cox"

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