The More Things Change For the Eagles, the More They Stay the Same

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Dec 20, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz (86) reaches for a first down while being tackled by Arizona Cardinals middle linebacker Kevin Minter (51) during the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It Ertz to Watch

Can we stop saying “this is going to be Zach Ertz’s year” now? As much as Ertz seems like he is going to be a breakout star, he is still not as good as Brent Celek. Before you flip your keyboard in a fit of rage, hear me out. Yes, Ertz has more yards, catches, and touchdowns than Celek this year, but he isn’t the better player. Celek is a better blocker, and fights for yards.

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  • Ertz crumbles upon impact. During crucial moments Ertz has fallen flat, and sometimes, literally. Instead of trucking through defenders for extra yardage, and falls on first contact. This isn’t always the case, but its case enough for it to be brought up. Celek is getting up there in age, and is starting to show “Jason Witten” type of movement (translation: like a guy with bricks strapped to his legs) on the field. Ertz is not going to be the guy to step in and produce the consistency that Celek has during his tenure with the team.

    The Eagles should have kept Eric Tomlinson on the team. The rookie tight end showed a lot of promise in the preseason and had most of us here at Inside The Iggles swooning. He could block, catch, run; you know, all the things playmakers do. Just chalk that up to another blown personnel call by this franchise.