Philadelphia Eagles: So Long, Chip Kelly


The Philadelphia Eagles cut ties with Head Coach Chip Kelly.

Originally, I was going to write some piece about how Philly fans should be optimistic about the future, but to hell with that. The big news here is Chip Kelly getting fired. Among the many emotions that I, we, have all felt throughout the season, most of us here at Fansided agreed that keeping Chip around was the lesser of two evils. And that by letting him go, the Eagles would be where the Redskins were a few years with a carousel of coaches and assistants, and a cadre of player changes. This could easily set the franchise back three years.

Those discussions happened throughout the season. Now it is reality.

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  • Many have speculated that Chip Kelly’s  desire to control all aspects of personnel were his demise. Seriously? You don’t think the “let my best player go” formula worked after every season? Before you torch me on Twitter, it’s called satire. Who am I kidding, I don’t have enough followers on Twitter to get torched ever. Seriously, let’s be honest, Chip lost his job the moment the Eagles lost to the Redskins. Kind of fitting that the game that displayed all of the flaws on the team the most, and in the biggest spot of the season, was the one that turned out to be too much for Owner Jeff Lurie to take. not only did that game showcase the problems with what Chip Kelly put together during the offseason, it was clear that the team gave up. If you need proof, Google the

    Jason Peters

    post-game presser. Why would anyone try harder than they have to, if they might get cut either way? That was sentiment of the fans, front office, and the players.

    But again, keeping Kelly was still the better thing to do. In fairness, this was only year three of his career, and year one into his “rebuild” process. Yes, yes, we can go back-and-forth about why the team was, and now is, in a rebuild in the first place, and so on, but you have to see past that. Think of this way, the past three years, good and bad, have now been a waste of time. We will never really get to see if the Chip Kelly experiment truly worked or not.

    Over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of speculating, and even more rumors (the heavy favorite already being Sean Payton and Drew Brees to Philly) and only a shred of them will be true. For all the bluster and disagreement among the team writers now, Jeff Lurie is a patient man. The Philadelphia Eagles are not a franchise to make decisions lightly. This isn’t Cleveland people! Lurie will personally be overseeing the new search for a Head Coach, along with President Don Smolenski and Executive VP, Howie Roseman. Regardless, the next few months, and possibly years, do not look like they are going to be easy.