The Six Biggest Areas of Need for the Philadelphia Eagles

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1) Offensive Line

Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports /

Considering the magnitude of the situation, it’s best to lump three positions in one here.

After gutting a formidable unit last offseason and doing nothing to address the ensuing vacancies, it became abundantly clear that Chip Kelly felt about offensive linemen the same as Andy Reid did about linebackers during his tenure in Philly: They were interchangeable.

The results on the field proved otherwise.

Signing free agent Brandon Brooks was a good start to patching one of the holes at guard, but with underwhelming interior options such as Allen Barbre and Matt Tobin, adding at least one more will be necessary.

Considering his age and increasing brittleness, a future replacement for Jason Peters would be prudent, as well. And although he’s proven to be formidable at center, Jason Kelce took a gigantic step backward last season. It couldn’t have helped that he had revolving doors on either side of him, but it can’t hurt to have some insurance just in case he doesn’t get his groove back.