Into The Depth Chart: The Philadelphia Eagles Running Backs

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-OTA
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-OTA /

The Philadelphia Eagles are only going to go as far as their run-game allows them to.

While with the Kansas City Chiefs, Doug Pederson ran a run-first offense with steady dose of finesse. Now, Pederson and Offensive Coordinator, Frank Reich, have inherited a familiar backfield with almost as many questions at the quarterback group.

Letting go of DeMarco Murray was the first move in the right direction. Murray had the odds stacked against him from the get-go. He had some big shoes to fill with the fans, and has always been a good running back, but he was replacing someone special. A “special” football player is something Murray will never be. He’s still special by the world’s standards, but kind of like a snowflake is special. Murray was also never placed into a situation where he could succeed during his time with Philadelphia.

We’re getting off-topic. As stated above, the Eagles cleaned up their offensive backfield this off-season, but which running back, or running backs, will restore Philly’s former running glory?

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