Monday motivation: Carson Wentz has NFL Hall of Fame potential


The Carson Wentz love fest continues.

On April 28th, 2016, the Philadelphia Eagles made the right choice. They had the second-overall selection in the NFL Draft, and they took Carson Wentz. The Los Angeles Rams took Jared Goff one spot earlier. Both franchises got the guy they wanted, and apparently, based on statements made by both teams, they would have made the same selections if we could have, somehow, reversed their draft order.

Goff was already playing on the west coast, and supposedly, he was the most pro-ready quarterback. Wentz, supposedly, had the most upside. In retrospect, and we can only base this on what we’ve seen to this point, Wentz may have actually been the guy better equipped to compete in the NFL immediately. Just look at the results.

Here’s a pretty awesome compliment.

Recently, NFL.coms Adam Schein listed nine young players with NFL Hall of Fame potential. Guess who was on the list. Philadelphia’s signal caller, based on his first-year results and the recent additions the Eagles made on offense, has been placed in a position to have an even better year in his sophomore campaign.

Here’s what was said in that piece:

"Wentz over Dak Prescott? You betcha. This isn’t about 2016 or Rookie of the Year results. And I love Dak. But I think Wentz is going to be a better quarterback in the years to come — especially now that he has legit receivers around him, highlighted by Alshon Jeffery.Remember, 2016 wasn’t even supposed to happen. The kid from North Dakota State was supposed to be groomed behind Sam Bradford. But a lucrative trade opportunity presented itself, and Wentz was thrust into the lineup. And I believe it turned into an excellent building block in Wentz’s road to stardom."

There isn’t an Eagles fan on the planet who will complain if that turns out to be accurate. Here’s what we know. When two quarterbacks are taken that early and that close in the draft order, one normally doesn’t work out. Think about Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf or Andrew Luck and Robert Griffith III. It’s too early to tell, but it appears, at this point, Wentz is ahead of Goff in his development. Could history be repeating itself? Time will tell.

Couple that with two facts. So many signal callers have been taken in recent drafts, and very few appear to have staying power. That being said, Wentz may be on his way to a very long and successful career. Will he one day wind up in Canton? Everyone in the Eagles’ fan base has their fingers crossed. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.