Ray Didinger believes Eagles will miss the playoffs… AGAIN

Well, if you’re an Eagles fan, you’ll at least have to appreciate Ray Didinger for his honesty.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles. You’ve probably learned something over the course of the time you’ve been waving the team flag or shaking the pom poms. This is one of the most brutally honest fan bases in all of sports. Eagles fans never get too high or too low. It’s a talent they possess. Take Hall of Fame sportswriter Ray Didinger for instance.

The topic of “realistic expectations ” has been floating around recently, and fans are, seemingly, split. Some are talking playoffs. Others can’t get past the fact that this may be a team that will, again, struggle to keep average quarterbacks from appearing to be the next coming of Joe Montana. Didnger knows this team just about as well as anybody, and in most cases, he knows them better than he knows everyone else.

Raining on the proverbial parade:

This morning, he appeared on The Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi on 94 WIP-FM in Philadelphia. He wasted no time in shooting holes in Cataldi’s theory that the Eagles may be a ten-win team.

Listen, I’m a little bit south of that. I have them at 8-8, yeah…I have the same concerns you have in the secondary…You have two teams in the division that are better than they are in Dallas and New York. And Angelo, I think the schedule works against them. I look at those first six games as very, very tough games. I could see them being 2-4 and then there’s an uphill fight the rest of the way.

The Eagles have made drastic improvements on the offensive side of the ball in the form of veteran additions like wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and running back LeGarrette Blount. Still the Eagles were, at times, atrocious at cornerback, and with a very thin corps at linebacker, scoring points doesn’t seem to be the issue. People are more worried about how this team intends to stop anyone.

In the meantime, let’s all just hope Didinger is wrong for a change.

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