Eagles camp: Jon Ritchie is disappointed with team enthusiasm

PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 18: Fullback Jon Ritchie
PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 18: Fullback Jon Ritchie /

Former Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie isn’t excited about what he’s seeing.

Life after football has been pretty decent for former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie. He’s one of the co-hosts of The Midday Show on 94 WIP-FM. Thursday morning, he and Joe DeCamara were broadcasting live from training camp practice, and he had an interesting take on where he felt his former team was emotionally.

He’s not seeing enough intensity and emotion, and he was very vocal about it. The big guy’s not happy.

Take a look:

Should we be worried?

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles /

Philadelphia Eagles

Say what you want about former head coach Andy Reid. Any hint that there may have been any indication that everyone wasn’t selling out in every drill, and Reid would have been in a few faces. Reid’s understudy, current head coach Doug Pederson, obviously isn’t the same type of guy. What Ritchie is seeing may not be that big of a deal. Still, there are some fans that never got over what they saw in Cincinnati a season ago. A lack of enthusiasm for any reason is going to be linked to the head coach.

There’s been some noise from the defensive unit, but that’s probably because they’re taking their cues from Jim Schwartz. We know he’s fiery. We’re just not quite as sure if that’s a trait Pederson possesses.

In a sport that’s never been void of emotion, should everyone be worried if someone who bled and sweat for the team isn’t seeing the intensity he’d expect from a team that went 7-9 a season ago? It’s an interesting debate.

What Ritchie wants, Ritchie should have.

By Ritchie’s account, there should have been some adrenaline when the offensive unit beats the defense. There should be more emotion in goal line sequences. There should be a little more noise, and Ritchie isn’t seeing any of that. Let’s all hope a quiet practice doesn’t equate to a lack of interest. Maybe it was just the heat. That’s it. We’ll blame the heat.

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If so, that would be unacceptable, but there’s no reason to worry yet. Practice did end on a high note. Nelson Agholor beat Rasul Douglas for a long touchdown pass, and just about the entire offense sprinted down to end practice with a prearranged touchdown celebration that probably would have drawn a flag had it been a real game.

Maybe Ritchie will like that.