Nelson Agholor: A tough day leads to an interesting workout idea

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 13: Nelson Agholor /

Monday, was tough for Nelson Agholor, but he made sure he held himself accountable.

Has there been a better story throughout the Philadelphia Eagles‘ training camp than the resurgence we’ve seen from Nelson Agholor? Maybe Marcus Johnson‘s push to make the roster comes in as a close second, but anyone who’s seen Agholor over the course of the 2015 and 2016 NFL seasons has to agree that Agholor’s development probably takes the cake.

He deserves it, and so do Eagles fans who have struggled with him throughout the entire process.


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The media took to their blogs, online magazines and Twitter accounts on Monday when an all-too-familiar problem came back into focus. Agholor found himself past the secondary and wide open. Carson Wentz tossed a nice pass 40 yards down the field in his direction. The ball hit Agholor square in his facemask and fell harmlessly to the turf, resulting in an incompletion.

“I couldn’t see it. At the end of the day, stuff like that happens”, said the 24-year-old.

For the most part that’s all anyone’s wanted to talk about in relation to Monday’s practice. A jump ball that resulted in a fight for the rock got forgotten about. In that moment, Agholor and safety Rodney McLeod battled for a 50-50 ball. Agholor won, wrestled the ball away and landed in the end zone, holding on to the ball in the process.

Still, people remember the drop a little more vividly. Maybe, despite a pretty solid off-season, it’s just too hard for anyone to put the issues he’s had with drops completely out of their mind.

Bouncing back:

So, what happened next? Agholor, not wanting to end the day on any sour notes, remained on the field while some of his teammates hit the showers. An Eagles assistant stayed on the field with him, and Agholor ran deep routes as the assistant tossed him tennis balls. Agholor shared his thoughts on the idea stating “You’re going to be in stadiums with big lights, and you’re going to be in indoor stadiums. That’s why, afterward, I tried to work on tracking the balls, little tennis balls, so I could work on using my eyes better.”

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A newfound confidence:

Those of you wondering if Monday is any indication of an old issue creeping up can put those thoughts to bed. Agholor seems to be in a different mindstate than he once was. “I’m trying to make sure I continue to have that next-play mentality because I know I’m a good receiver, and I think I have great hands. At the end of the day, if the ball comes my way, I’m going to pluck it … The game of football is for tough people. I’m a tough person.”

That, pretty much, sums it up.