Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson donates $25k for Houston relief

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 11: Lane Johnson /

Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson puts his money to good use this week.

It has been an emotional last couple of days in our country. As you have probably heard, Hurricane Harvey has hit the state of Texas pretty hard and families are struggling. Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson has decided to help out with the cause with a generous donation.

In case you missed it, Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt decided to organize a crowd funding page for the victims that reside in Houston. What originally started as a $500,000 dollar campaign has now increased to a goal of $3 million!

Lane’s contribution…

Athletes and celebrities from all over have decided to chip in with generous donations. The first Eagle to get in on the cause was Lane Johnson. He has decided to chip in with a $25 thousand dollar donation of his own while encouraging his followers to donate as well.

How it all transpired:

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles /

Philadelphia Eagles

As you may know, Johnson was born and raised in the state of Texas. He also mentioned that he specifically has family in Houston currently and is proud to help out any way he can. It is great to see a member of the Philadelphia Eagles doing all that they can with helping out fellow NFL members for the sake of tragedy.

Hopefully, Johnson’s donation encourages more Eagles players and fans to make a donation to the cause to eliminate the high number of families continuing to struggle out in Houston. Johnson and Watt are not the only ones in the NFL to help out with the cause. The Houston Texans team alone donated a total of $1 million dollars.

The New England Patriots have also pledged to contribute another million dollars to the cause as well. As the trend of generous donations continue, be sure to help out in any way you can. Donate and spread the word to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey.