Eagles begin cuts: A letter to Paul Turner (that he may never read)


Following the final Eagles preseason game, Paul Turner is the first one to go, and it made us at Inside The Iggles write him a letter (that he may never read).

This is a letter to former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Paul Turner. We at Inside The Iggles would like to say thank you. Your efforts have helped to reinvigorate our passions for our favorite football team. There were times, during the Chip Kelly era, when we wanted to throw a brick at our television screens. Then, he was fired and Doug Pederson would eventually be introduced as the team’s new head coach.

Honestly, we didn’t know what to think of Pederson. Some of us hated the move, but it was a rookie quarterback and some other guys, yourself included, that made us forget how frustrated we were.

Remembering a phenomenal run:

Maybe it was the circus catches. Maybe it was the punt return in the final preseason game a season ago (you sure didn’t look ‘slow’ then). Whatever it was, you made us feel as though we all could live out our dreams, and we didn’t need an XBox or a Playstation to do so. For that, we wanted to say thank you.

You made us all feel like maybe, with a little more effort, we could have made it to the NFL as well. Well, maybe we shouldn’t go that far. We did cheer for you though. You won our hearts. You earned the jersey and the helmet with the wings on it, and we’ll never forget you.

It kind of reminded us of Vince Papale. Your story and his are different, but they’re also similar. You both have shown us to work hard and never give up.

It isn’t over:

On the first day of September in 2017, we all got the news.

Sure, guys get cut all of the time, but this one felt different. This one felt like losing a good friend. Just know that every Eagles fan admires you, and if we had a team hall of fame to put you in, you’d be in as soon as you were eligible. We’ve never met you, but we know enough about you to know that, wherever life takes you, you’ll be fine.

It’s almost pointless to write a piece about everyone who’ll be cut in the next few hours, but this is one we felt we had to write. Good luck with everything, and thanks again.