Eagles rumors: Is there dissension in the coaching staff?


Now, the Eagles definitely don’t need this.

Remember those statements made by Mike Lombardi about Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson? Well, believe it or not, stories are still popping up as a result. Here’s another. In the wee hours of Saturday morning, a story popped up. Jeff McLane released a story via The Inquirer on Philly.com. Fans won’t like the topic of discussion. It states that there may be some drama brewing in the coaching ranks.

When Pederson was hired, there weren’t many who were sold on the Eagles’ decision to hire a head coach who had gone from being an entry-level assistant to being a head coach in the span of seven years. Here we are, less than two years later, and even though Pederson’s job security isn’t a new topic, the introduction of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz into the discussion gives the story a new wrinkle.

General Schwartz:

In McLane’s story, he references Schwartz’s availability at Pederson’s introductory press conference. Yes, we all knew that was strange at the time, and even though we didn’t want to admit it, there’s always been this theory that having Schwartz in attendance was Philly’s way of soothing some of the people who were present.

Schwartz, who had been a head coach and a coordinator, was believed to provide balance to the obvious areas that Pederson was lacking. Experience is one of the first of those that come to mind. Now, in the wake of the blistering analysis Lombardi provided of the Eagles’ head coach, some have mentally replaced Pederson as the Eagles’ head man before his second season even has a chance to begins

No it isn’t fair, but it happens.

Some of the obvious thoughts:

Schwartz has always had a large personality. Now, some of the concern is it may threaten to overshadow that of Pederson’s. What you have to remember is Pederson never hired Schwartz to be a member of his coaching staff anyway. Lombardi, who admits to being a friend of the Eagles’ defensive coordinator, also hired him while with the Cleveland Browns.

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“When I was in Cleveland, I hired Jim Schwartz … He’s an outstanding football coach. I have nothing but great respect for him, and I think the Eagles’ success last year was their defense”. That was a quote from Lombardi about “The General”.

Apparently, some of the guys who are wearing the jerseys have some theories on Schwartz’s approach to doing things as well. “He walks around the building like he thinks he’s the head coach” said one member of the team to an Eagles staffer. Stories have always existed of his arrogance. Some say he walks around the Novacare Complex, and rarely acknowledges anyone.

According to McLane, others have stated the only coach who probably doesn’t believe Schwartz is waiting on his opportunity is, in fact, Pederson.

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One thing’s certain. This doesn’t need to be one of the topics of discussion heading into a game against the Washington Redskins, a team Philly hasn’t beaten in a while. Pederson has the support of his owner, Jeffrey Lurie. Still, something tells us some of the talk will grow louder during the season, especially if things don’t go right. We’d be naive to think otherwise.