Eagles Monday motivation: Carson Wentz shown love by two of NFL’s best

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Carson Wentz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Carson Wentz /

Two of the league’s best, Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson, took some time to shower Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz with some love.

It’s hard to imagine that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz could receive more love in “The City of Brotherly Love” than he has. It seems to be happening though. Wentz embodies the type of personality that makes him easy to like, not only on the field, but off of it as well.

If you have any ties to the southern part of our great country, you’ve probably heard a few sayings and quotes. Here’s another. “Your opinion is only as valuable as your knowledge of the subject.” With that being said, who better to give us a gauge of where Wentz is than the guys who line up against him? We’re glad you asked.

Two Cards show love:

Following week five of the 2017 season, safety Tyrann Mathieu and cornerback Patrick Peterson, two of the league’s best, were asked about the Eagles’ second-year signal caller. They had nothing but glowing reviews for Mr. Wentz.

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Here’s a quote from Peterson. He spoke to NJ Advance Media recently:

"He’s very mobile and athletic. He has great pocket presence and does a good job of putting his guys in position. He managed the game today very well. He’s a soon to be top-tier quarterback as he continues to grow…We sent pressure at him a coupe of times and he was able to escape a little bit, especially in the second half…He’s a guy that has great pocket presence and he understands where the pressure and blitzes are coming from. He knows where the outlets are and he moves very well."

Here’s another from “The Honey Badger”:

"Obviously, he’s one of those emerging superstar quarterbacks. He finds so many different ways to extend series, or extend plays for their offense. He’s very smart at the line of scrimmage…I think his ability to make plays was most impressive. He capitalized on two of our blown coverages on the back-end, and they got touchdowns out of it. I think their coaches do a good job of keeping him in the game. Even though they ran for close to 400 yards the last two weeks, they found a way to come in today and just get him established. I think that really helped their offense, and it definitely kind of threw us off-balance, defensively."

Again, these are two of the NFL‘s best. If they are so certain in their statements, then who are we to argue? Next up is a Thursday night tilt with a little stiffer competition than the Eagles have seen over the past two weeks. Philly will fly south to face the Carolina Panthers. That will definitely be a good measuring stick for how good this team is as they’ll try to figure out a normally-stingy Panthers defense and one of the great young quarterbacks, Cam Newton, on offense.