LeGarrette Blount told coach to let Clement score a hat-trick

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Corey Clement
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Corey Clement /

LeGarrette Blount continues to be selfless with his teammates.

The Philadelphia Eagles have truly established something special. The touchdowns and big plays are one thing, but the bond and connection that the team shares is on another level. Veteran running back, LeGarrette Blount has been an amazing addition this offseason. Not only because of his hard-running and ability to break multiple tackles but because of his maturity and leadership.

The Eagles had a total of three rushing touchdowns last Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Not one of those scores came from Blount. He normally leads the team in carries, but due to garbage time late in the second half, Blount spent most of his time on the sidelines.

For a running back with Blount’s skill set and seniority, sitting on the bench could be frustrating. It is normally rare to see a running back who is normally the rushing leader sitting behind another player on the stat sheet. Let alone an undrafted rookie. But in Blount’s case, he is as selfless as they come.

Let Clement get the hat-trick…

It was late in the game. The Eagles had the game pretty much wrapped up as they were just trying to kill the clock at that point. The ball was on the goaline and clearly, the Eagles planned to keep the ball on the ground. Naturally, the Eagles wanted to put in Blount to punch it in for six. After all, that is what they brought him here to do.

Blount did not want the ball, though. He looked over to head coach, Doug Pederson and said: “Let Corey Clement get a hat trick, it’s his birthday so let him get the hat trick”. Quite the birthday present that Blount gifted the young undrafted rookie. Clement finished his career day with 51-yards and two touchdowns on the ground. He also had a touchdown in the receiving game too on a crucial third-down play in the red zone.

Blount’s short time as a Philadelphia Eagle has been very memorable so far. Over the last week, he showed that he is here for one thing, and that is to win. When the Eagles traded for Miami’s Jay Ajayi, a lot of people did not know what kind of reaction they would get out of a Blount. After seeing Blount run out to the end zone to celebrate Ajayi’s 46-yard touchdown run, we would say he is handling the trade very well.