Philadelphia Eagles debate table: Is ESPN right about their win total?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Corey Clement
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 05: Running back Corey Clement /

“The Worldwide Leader in Sports” recently weighed in about where they thought the Eagles might finish in terms of wins.

Even when you write about sports, objectivity can lose to plain old just being a fan. Maybe it’s just us, at ITI, but it feels like the Philadelphia Eagles haven’t played a game in over a month. Sure, everyone knows it hasn’t been that long, but the bye week seemed to go on forever. Now, as the Eagles prepare for a rivalry game against the Dallas Cowboys, every fan looks around for some sort of information on their favorite team.

Here’s something that might have caught your eye. ESPN released yet another power ranking list, and the Eagles sit at the top of the NFL‘s heap. What may have have gone unnoticed is what they had to say about where they thought “The Birds” may finish in terms of wins.

Is ESPN right?

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles /

Philadelphia Eagles

ESPN predicts the Eagles’ 2017 regular season campaign will end with 12.4 wins. Now, each of our math educations has taught us that we can’t round that up to 13 because it isn’t quite 12-and-a-half, but 12 is still a decent number right?

Well, it all depends on how you want to slice things up. There’s two different ways you can do so. You could call this a mini-season-ending collapse. You could see things a different way. Maybe the Eagles, who started 8-1 but are apparently only going to win four more times in their last seven attempts, could possibly have things like home-field advantage throughout the NFC Playoffs wrapped up prior to the regular season’s conclusion.

If that’s the case, and it probably is ESPN’s thinking, that would explain things. As this season unfolds, it’s becoming evident that some of the games we may have originally forecast as losses, the Denver Broncos (who the Eagles beat in Week 9) and Oakland Raiders (who visit the Eagles in a few weeks) for instance, may actually be winnable. To be honest, Philly should be favored in the remainder of their regular season games.

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The only exception will probably be when they travel to the Pacific Northwest to meet the Seattle Seahawks. That game follows their next, a pivotal division clash versus their foes from Texas.