Injured Eagles are still having an impact on the team


Despite being out, a few key Philadelphia Eagles players continue to leave an impact on the team.

Something is different in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room this season. Players are having fun while winning. Guys are making t-shirts to represent their positional teammates. Others are out donating a majority of their game checks to charity. A lot of them are fighting to win on the football field, but also make a difference in this world. Here is a trick question for football fans. Can you name one selfish player on the Eagles right now that isn’t team-first minded? The simple answer is no.

There is a reason why the Eagles are soaring high right now as the number one team in the NFL. They have an established leadership core along with 53 guys who play to win and have fun. It’s not just the guys on the 53-man roster who are responsible for the team success. There are also a few veterans who are currently sitting on the Injured Reserve and still leaving an impact on their teammates.

Leaving an impact…

Veteran running back Darren Sproles and left tackle Jason Peters had their seasons cut short. Both have suffered torn ACL’s and Sproles suffered an additional broken arm. These two guys may have played the final snap of their career, but that doesn’t mean that they have given up on the team. Paul Domowitch of reports that Sproles and Peters frequently stay in contact with their replacements.

Let’s not forget about special teamer Chris Maragos along with linebacker Jordan Hicks who are constantly at the teams practice facility. These guys have constantly been in attendance at team meetings and watching game film to offer advice to teammates. These players are simply doing all they can while being held out by their injuries.

Difference Makers…

The Eagles are truly different from other teams. Take it from running back/punt returner Kenjon Barner. He’s played on multiple teams, including the Eagles from previous coaching staff’s and he says there is nothing else like it.

"“It’s not like this everywhere,’’ he said. “A lot of teams will say, ‘Yeah, we’ve got great guys in our locker room.’ But that’s a front for most teams. I haven’t been around a group like this where literally everybody is giving of themselves to the rest of the team."

The Eagles really do have something special going on. After many years of selfish minded players and constant locker room issues, the newfound chemistry between players, coaches and front office has been remarkable for the franchise.

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As the Eagles head into a divisional matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, they have the opportunity to take over the NFC East. A victory on Sunday night will be the first true validation of this teams success this season. It would put them four games ahead with a tie-breaker advantage. The sky is the limit for the Eagles and every player involved is doing all they can. Even if they aren’t around physically, everybody continues to do their job.