The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t satisfied with blowout win over Chicago


Winning big isn’t everything for the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a lot of mistakes to fix before next week.

In football, when your team is on the winning side of a 31-3 victory, you are generally ecstatic. Well apparently when you are one of the top teams in the NFL, the way you played doesn’t always reflect on the final score. For the Philadelphia Eagles, the 31-3 victory over the Chicago Bears was simply unacceptable. Obviously, the better team won last Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that the win was very pretty.

The performance put on by the Eagles was sloppy, to say the least. Having four fumbles in a single game is less than ideal for a team. Especially if two of the fumbles come while in the red zone. Let’s also not forget to mention the Malcolm Jenkins interception, that didn’t even stand due to a fumble on the attempted return.

Against a team like the Bears, the mistakes can normally be made up for. Against a playoff caliber team, the Eagles may not get so lucky. So if you were wondering how the Eagles coaching staff and the locker felt about it, just know that they aren’t enjoying this win like the rest of us. They are ready to improve and fix their mistakes as they prepare to take on the Seattle Seahawks on the road.

One week at a time…

Eagles offensive lineman, Brandon Brooks made it clear on Wednesday that the team was not too happy with the way they won. Believe it or not, he stated that they didn’t put on a dominating performance like they wanted to. Head Coach, Doug Pederson also made it clear that the team will be using this game as a lesson. They simply have to minimize mistakes and take care of the football against good teams.

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We also would have to mention the frustration of running back Jay Ajayi after the game last Sunday. Although some have speculated he was frustrated with his lack of carries, the truth is he is mad at himself for his fumble at the one-yard line. Luckily, the hustle of Nelson Agholor made up for it. Still, Ajayi knows that as a third-year veteran he cannot make mistakes like that.

Looking ahead:

Brooks put it perfectly, the fact that this team isn’t thrilled with a 28-point victory speaks volumes about their potential. The Eagles will need to take it week by week despite all of the Super Bowl hype. Especially now as they head into arguably the toughest stretch of their schedule. When they will be playing back to back road games on the west coast against playoff-caliber opponents.

As the Eagles prepare for Seattle, they head into a tough environment in a put up or shut up match with the Seahawks. Even though they could already be the NFC East champions as early as Thursday, the Eagles have looked past the point of a divisional title. This team is ready for something bigger.

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They aren’t saying Super Bowl, yet. But you can bet that they are working on home-field advantage and a first-round bye for the month of January. Most of all, though, they are looking for some respect within the league. They know they can start to get it with some big wins over these next couple of games.