Is it time for the Eagles to send Torrey Smith to the bench?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Torrey Smith
PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Torrey Smith /

After acknowledging he is playing one of his worst seasons, Torrey Smith’s slump doesn’t seem to be going away.

As the NFL Playoffs are approaching, the Philadelphia Eagles have a little extra time to prepare. This week they kicked off some intense practices to stay sharp during the bye week. Now the next thing they need to do is re-evaluate some players performances. Many fans brought up the possibility of benching Nick Foles for Nate Sudfeld. Others have requested Rasul Douglas over Jalen Mills. But what about someone like Mack Hollins over Torrey Smith?

Smith is having one of the worst seasons of his seven-year career. For his first one in an Eagles’ uniform, Smith looks like he could start getting a washed up label around his name. Through 16 games, he ended the regular season with 430 yards and two touchdowns. It’s shocking to know that he has gotten full-time snaps for the majority of the season.

As a locker room favorite, Smith has been recognized as a solid veteran leader. Unfortunately, his contributions to the team’s excellent chemistry this season has not reflected onto the field. If anything, Smith has been more of a problem on the field, rather than a positive contributor.

Time to see the bench?

When the Eagles signed Torrey Smith during the offseason, nobody expected any major numbers. His role was to simply stretch the field and become a threat for the deep ball. While he has had some moments, he could not take advantage of the many opportunities he was given. The same issue that killed the Eagles in past seasons has taken control of Smith. That is dropping the football.

Seeing a receiver drop a ball that was defended well can be frustrating. But the very last thing you want to see is a receiver drop a pass with wide open space ahead of them. That is something that Smith has become infamous for this year and it never stopped. Just this past Sunday, Smith dropped a wide open pass on a very crucial third-down play. After that, we didn’t get to see much more of Smith for the rest of the game.

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Now is it time to send Smith to the bench? As much as it hurts to say, the correct answer would be yes. If anything, Smith has been more of a problem on the field rather than a contributor. It was tough to try and depend on a rookie like Mack Hollins to step in and play, but now is the time for the Eagles to make it happen. Better late than never, right?