Monday Motivation: A love letter to the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Quarterback Nick Foles
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Quarterback Nick Foles /

The Philadelphia Eagles have finally delivered a Lombardi Trophy to the most loyal fan base in all of sports, but you already know that.

Ladies and gentleman, it happened. Truthfully, there was no reason to print another “Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl” article. Between the New England Patriots‘ failed ‘Hail Mary’ attempt and Monday morning, there have been thousands of those. How many times must you be told the Eagles finally won the Lombardi Trophy?

Then again, that really isn’t a bad thing. That sounds just as good 12 hours later as it did when it happened.

We love this team.

For an entire week, the Eagles’ players and coaches walked around as though they knew something we didn’t. They were rushed out of restaurants. Some wondered whether or not that ‘illness’ was the result of them being fed something to intentionally made them sick, but through it all, they oozed confidence. Then, when Alshon Jeffery guaranteed victory, his teammates didn’t admonish him. They took up his mantle, backed him up and made sure that he’d be accurate.

We salute the world’s greatest fans.

Eagles fans, you deserve this. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Philadelphia or some small rural town in South Carolina and have cheered for this team for your entire life. Hey, it doesn’t matter if you lived in Philly for a time but then had to move somewhere else. You’re all a part of the greatest fan base in sports.

We at Inside The Iggles (or ITI as you guys affectionately call us) salute every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who sat in the ‘500 level’ at the old Veterans Stadium. We salute every single one of you who suffered through the ‘Fog Bowl’ and the three straight NFC Championship Game losses. Thank you for hanging in there after we came up short in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles /

Philadelphia Eagles

We salute the best team in the NFL.

Thank you to Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham and Donovan McNabb. We thank the Eagles for allowing us to enjoy Jerome Brown and Reggie White, guys who weren’t Eagles long enough and are probably smiling down from heaven. Thank you to Buddy Ryan for the ‘Body Bag Game’. Thank you to our ‘Weapon X’. Congratulations to Brian Dawkins who will receive a different ring when he enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Oh yeah. We can’t forget the most unqualified coach in the NFL for doing what he was brought here to do. Thank you to Doug Pederson. We love you coach! Take that Mike Lombardi!

We even thank those fans who loved this team so much that they’d risk their freedom and get themselves locked up at that old jail cell in ‘The Vet’. Some call that crazy. Eagles fans call it passion.

There are so many moments in the storied history of ‘The Birds’, and now, they have their defining moment. The third time would be a charm. The Eagles are World Champions. Everyone enjoy this one. It’s time to plan a parade and a trip to the White House. When the season kicks off in 2018, your Eagles will be the ‘defending World Champions’.

Now, it’s time to go win another one.