Chris Long takes a shot at Cris Collinsworth on Twitter


Chris Long feels like the rest of Eagles nation after biased commentary from Cris Collinsworth.

Everybody needs to get out there pencils and petition. Keep Cris Collinsworth away from the Philadelphia Eagles from here on out. We get it football world. You hate the Eagles and their fan base. But just for once let this team have its glory. The Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history and all we were left to hear about was the referees making the wrong call.

All throughout the season, there was some clear bias from the NBC crew. Back when the Eagles returned from their bye week against the Dallas Cowboys the commentary seemed very off. The Eagles were beating the brakes off almighty America’s Team. But apparently, it wasn’t as entertaining to Collinsworth and Al Michaels as it was to the Eagles fan base.

Now, we had to hear it on the biggest broadcast of them all and the Eagles players are starting to get in on the frustrations as well. Eagles defensive end Chris Long is a very outspoken guy. He is not afraid to share his opinions on something no matter how controversial it is. Things are very different in this case as he rips into Collinsworth’s broadcasting from Sunday night.

Not a care in the world…

Great call, Chris.

Chris Long is just as baffled as we are. Obviously, Long didn’t get to hear how ridiculously biased Collinsworth sounded live because, well you know, he was playing in the game. But after Long returned home and settled in after a hectic week, he went back and watched the replay of the game on NFL Network.

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I think it’s safe to say that the Eagles fan base is not crazy for believing the commentary was very one-sided. Two of the reviewed touchdown catches that went in favor of the Eagles were clearly hurting Collinsworth’s eyes at the time. Not that you know the Patriots ever got a ridiculous call in their favor (this is sarcasm, obviously). But the bottom line is that the Eagles truly one fair and square. Sure, listening to Collinsworth could be very frustrating, but at the end of the day the Eagles are Super Bowl LII Champions!