Eagles Talk: Is there a future with Torrey Smith?


Torrey Smith’s future with the Philadelphia Eagles is very questionable.

The receiving core for the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles was a massive upgrade from previous seasons. They went from Dorial Green-Beckham to Alshon Jeffery. From Jordan Matthews to the new and improved Nelson Agholor. Then, they replaced the practice squad deep-threat Bryce Treggs with a veteran speedster like Torrey Smith.

Although at times Smith might’ve stretched the field to throw off the defense, he wasn’t much of a factor until late in the season. He finished out the 2017 season with only 36 catches for 430 yards. He saw the end zone twice in the regular season, and once in the playoffs.

There’s no denying that Torrey Smith was a great personality for the Eagles locker room. But at this point, the Eagles need more production on the field than they need the character on the sidelines. As bad as Smith looked at times, he had an upgrade in production this year. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact that he led the Eagles in dropped passes and was barely productive compared to guys like Jeffery, Agholor, and Zach Ertz.

With the 2018 NFL Draft approaching, the Eagles could spend a draft pick on another wide receiver. They also already have a promising prospect in Mack Hollins who has been breathing down Smith’s neck all season long. Considering there is an easy way out of Smith’s three-year deal, is there a future beyond 2017 for Smith on the Eagles?

Is Smith a goner?

The ball is in the Eagles court. When Smith talked with Pro Football Talk, he made it clear that he is interested in coming back. In fact, he is anticipating a return to Philadelphia due to the fact that his contract has him on board as of now. But at the same time, Smith knows that he could get released at the drop of a dime.

Early on in the season, Smith acknowledged that he was having yet, another down season. Since 2015, he hasn’t been able to exceed 500 yards in a single season. At this point, it all feels like it is downhill for the veteran. At the age of 29, Smith may become one of the first dump-offs from the Eagles roster to free up space.

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Obviously, it’s nothing personal. But with the Eagles being contenders, they need all the productive weapons they can get, and Smith just simply cannot produce at a high level anymore. So for the Mack Hollins believers, get ready for more Mack. It’s only a matter of time until the Eagles free up some much-needed cap space by casting Smith off into the market.