Eagles are ready to entertain trade offers for Nick Foles


The Philadelphia Eagles are starting to put an asking price on Nick Foles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have a ton of good problems this offseason. Their cap space may be the most significant issue, but that’s because all of their big playmakers are locked in for beyond next season. Perhaps their best problem to have is the fact that their backup quarterback has developed into a superstar in a matter of two months.

Since Carson Wentz went down with an injury closer to the end of the regular season, Nick Foles had to become the hero. Although there were some bumps in the road while on his journey to Super Bowl LII, Foles came out on top as the Super Bowl MVP.

Foles may not be the flashiest quarterback, but he gets the job done. After proving that he can be incredibly successful in the postseason, teams will start making calls to the Eagles for a possible deal. Now the Eagles may not be that eager to deal Foles; they will at least search for an offer that could be too good to pass up.

The Price for Foles

It looks like the Eagles are treating this situation just like the Sam Bradford one back in 2016. The only difference is that Foles has a lot more accomplishments on his resume as of now. When the Eagles dealt away Bradford two years ago, it was a win-win situation. They got incredible value for a quarterback that they had no long-term interest for.

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Aside from sentimental value, trading Foles for the right price should be a no-brainer for the Eagles. Regardless of whether they keep him on or not this season, Foles will hit the free agency market in 2019. So either way, he won’t be on the Eagles past this year.

If they do happen to keep Foles, though, they know that they can win with him as long as Wentz is still recovering from his ACL injury. So the Eagles are entering in yet, another win-win situation with trade negotiations.

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Will teams pull the trigger on a deal for Foles, though? Well, it sounds like some teams may be interested in an established veteran. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals sure seem like they would instead buy an experienced quarterback than draft one early on. Get ready for the Nick Foles trade frenzy when the league new year begins. It’s going to be on wild offseason.