Philadelphia Eagles: Could a cornerback be on the trading block?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Rob Gronkowski /

The Philadelphia Eagles could be shopping one of their young defensive backs for a mid-round draft pick.

The NFL new league year is approaching, and the rumors are coming in hot! We started the week off hearing about potential offers for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. Then we heard that the Eagles are getting ready to depart with quite a few big named free agents on their team. Now, there is some speculation that the Eagles could trade one of their young talents at cornerback.

As of right now, the Eagles have quite the surplus of young defensive backs. Jalen Mills just wrapped up his impressive second season. Ronald Darby will head into the fourth and final year of his rookie contract. Rasul Douglas has shown promise as a rookie, while Sidney Jones is preparing to play his first NFL season this year.

Even with all of the young talent on board for 2018, the Eagles are reportedly still making it a priority to retain veteran cornerback, Patrick Robinson. At first, it seemed confusing as to why they would try to break out a multi-year deal for a 30-year-old corner. Now, things are starting to add up, and a writer over at ESPN has a good idea of what’s going on.

ESPN writer Chris Mortensen joined Philadelphia’s 97.5 The Fanatic show on Tuesday to stir up some possible rumors. He didn’t exactly make it clear as to whether the Eagles are officially shopping a guy or not. But his simple statement makes a lot of sense when you put it into perspective.

The Mort Bomb:

The Eagles are thin with early-round assets in the 2018 NFL Draft. Aside from their 32nd overall pick, they won’t get another selection until the fourth-round. Do we actually think the Eagles will wait until Saturday to pick again?

Eagles fans would probably be content with the current drafting situation. They would probably throw on the Super Bowl for the millionth time until Saturday. Howie Roseman, on the other hand, will be way too eager to sit back and watch second and third round talents fly off the board.

We have to believe that the Eagles snag another pick or two for the second and third rounds. Considering the surplus of young talents at cornerback, it only makes sense that somebody there gets moved. Who could it be, though?

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The public consensus says it is Ronald Darby. But don’t rule out Rasul Douglas, either. The Eagles had some good play from the rookie, but they chose to give Darby every single snap since he returned from his injury midway through the season.

Because Douglas looked decent and showed some upside, he could potentially be moved in the near future. We are not here to speculate though. We will sit back and watch just how this plays out. So buckle up; things are going to get interesting.