Eagles DE Michael Bennett reacts to the trade news on Twitter

SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Michael Bennett
SEATTLE, WA - JANUARY 18: Michael Bennett /

Philadelphia Eagles new defensive end Michael Bennett already seems excited about his new venture.

Now that the details on the Philadelphia Eagles latest move have been out for a little while, the trade is starting to sink in. Yes, the Eagles snagged yet, another seasoned veteran in a deal for a late-round pick added with a bottom of the barrel wide receiver. In other words, the Eagles got a steal from the Seattle Seahawks sweepstakes.

For those who aren’t familiar with Michael Bennett’s on-field production. He is quite the addition to the already stacked Eagles defensive front. Since his stint in Seattle began in 2013, Bennett has registered 39 total sacks. For a more recent figure, he racked up 8.5 sacks during the 2017 season. One less sack than the Eagles top edge rusher, Brandon Graham.

Now the acquisition of Bennett doesn’t mean the defensive line is set. Considering the current cap situation, someone has to go. There is a good chance that the Eagles move Vinny Curry within the next few weeks. Whether they find a trade partner or cut him, there is a good chance that Curry has seen his last days as an Eagle.

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Curry was impressive at times last season. But the Bennett acquisition makes it much easier to get over the loss. After all, Bennett’s 8.5 sacks in 2017 alone look a lot better than Curry’s nine sacks that he has totaled for in the past three seasons. So in all reality, Bennett comes as a cheaper, and better option than Curry.

In his head, Bennett probably knows this. And he wants to let the Eagles fans know what kind of player he is on the field. If you check out his Twitter account, he followed his excited reaction to the trade news with a little build-up of his late-game production.

Bennett’s Reaction via Twitter:


That’s not all…

Along with Bennett’s nicely-done Photoshop preview of himself in an Eagles’ uniform, he tweeted out a screenshot of some impressive stats that he was responsible for last season. According to NFL.com, Bennett was ranked second in fourth-quarter sacks, hurries, and knockdowns. Also, he was tied for third when it came to total pressures on the quarterback within the last five minutes of a one-possession game.

Talk about a guy who gets it done during crunch time. There’s no doubt the Eagles got incredible value in this trade. The only concern now for the Eagles is Bennett’s locker room antics that took place recently. This past season, Bennett’s teammates were not too fond of his personality behind closed doors.

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Considering the Eagles have had incredible chemistry in 2017, Bennett should be just fine. Similar to LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi, Bennett’ just might need a change of scenery. It was clear that the Seahawks needed to part ways with the veteran. It isn’t always an ideal situation, but these situations happen often. Now is Bennett’s time for a new beginning with the world champion, Philadelphia Eagles.