Eagles will host the Vikings for week one of the 2018 season


The long-anticipated rematch between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings will be here sooner than you know it.

The 2017 NFL season just concluded a couple of months ago. First off, here is a friendly reminder that the Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl Champions. Second off, we want to remind you that they beat the Minnesota Vikings convincingly to make it happen. Some may call it a fluke, but a 38-7 whooping is far from a fluke. To put it in better terms, the Eagles were the better team.

After the NFC Championship game, Vikings fans have been very sour towards the Eagles and their fan base. This is all understandable considering the beating the Vikings took while being favored to win. And not only that, but they also had to witness the Eagles win Super Bowl LII in Minnesota!

But now the Eagles get to add even more salt to the wound. Before the anticipated kickoff to the 2018 season, the entire Vikings organization will have to witness the Eagles raise their 2018 Super Bowl Champions flag at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Report:

There were many attempted guesses at the Eagles week one opponent. A lot of Eagles fans assumed the NFL would create an NFC East showdown between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. But at this time, the Vikings are a much better opponent for competition and ratings.

Not only do the Vikings come in with revenge on their minds, but they come in with an old friend of the NFC East division. Former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is now the new quarterback under center for the Vikings.

The NFL made an excellent decision of creating this matchup for week one. Hopefully, the Eagles do not come out with a Super Bowl hangover. Considering that the Eagles will most likely be without two star players in Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery, they will be missing their presence.

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Good thing the Eagles can count on Nick Foles to get the job done at quarterback with Wentz being absent. Not only did Foles beat the Vikings in the championship game, but he absolutely carved up their defense for three touchdowns, posting a passer rating of 141. Get ready for an enormous amount of Foles-Skol chants, Philly, because they are coming week one.