Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz continues to be a major recruiting tool


As he continues to mature and settle into his role of franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz, despite battling back from injury, serves as a huge reason the Philadelphia Eagles are able to reel in talent in free agency.

It’s an age-old adage in the NFL. Veterans who approach free agency are looking for one of two things. They want to be somewhere they can compete for a championship (especially if it’s eluded them), or they’ve won and are looking to line their pockets prior to retiring. At other times, it can be a combination of both. Just look at what the Philadelphia Eagles did a season ago, and look at the part Carson Wentz played in that.

Philly, who didn’t even appear to be a championship contender, was obviously in the hunt for skill players to surround their young signal caller with. There was, however, one problem, and it’s the same problem the Eagles had at the beginning of the current off-season.

There was no money to spend, or at least, that’s what we thought.

A young quarterback and a crafty VP channel their inner-Nick Saban.

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Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith were two of the biggest fish in the free agency pool a season ago. In the minds of most Eagles fans, it would have been nice to land one or the other. The Eagles landed both of them. Both credit a few reasons why they wanted to be in Philly. Both also credited one in particular, quarterback Carson Wentz.

Once the decisions were made, it became the job of Eagles vice president of football operations Howie Roseman to manage the cap, which he did, has done and continues to do.

For running back Jay Ajayi, it was a little different. He had less control over his destination. The Eagles acquired him in a trade close to the mid-season mark. According to Ajayi, he didn’t even know he was being shopped, but once he heard he was heading to Philly and had a chance to play with Wentz and the Eagles offense, well, you can imagine how he felt.

Now, comes newly-added Mike Wallace. He, like Jeffrey, had several suitors once he hit the open market. For him, the decision was easy. He wanted to play for a contender. Guess who he credits with being ’99 percent’ of the reason he came to Philly.

Yep, it’s that man again.

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Here’s some of what Wallace had to say.

"I’m impressed by the way (Wentz) plays football. The way he moves in the pocket. The way he throws the football and his competitiveness. You can see it…. I think he’s a great young quarterback who’s fired up. Whatever extra reps we need to try to get up to speed, I’m all for it….I had options, but I just wanted the best chance…. I feel like this is my best opportunity to make a run. This is my 10th year. Can’t play this game forever. You don’t want to come out feeling empty. I want to get a ring."

The quest for a second Lombardi Trophy is already underway. Welcome to Philadelphia Mr. Wallace.