Eagles OL Stefen Wisniewski has a sweet new centerpiece for his dining room

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: Stefen Wisniewski
PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: Stefen Wisniewski /

Are you looking for new decorating ideas for your home? Maybe Stefen Wisniewski can give you some ideas.

Philadelphia Eagles left guard Stefen Wisniewski is relatively new to Twitter. He joined the wild community known as Eagles Twitter around the time when the Birds were preparing to make their Super Bowl run. Similar to how the rest of the team is, Wisniewski seems like a very down to earth guy.

So ever since he joined Twitter, the left guard has been entertaining Eagles fans on a weekly basis. Just like his fellow lineman on the right side, Lane Johnson. As the offseason keeps dragging on, Eagles players don’t seem to know what to do with themselves. Aside from working out and relaxing, connecting with the crazy fans of Philadelphia is one of the only entertaining things to do.

But Wisniewski figured he could do some decorating around the house. So as a joke, he used his Eagles helmet as a centerpiece in his dining room to surprise his wife. Assuming she would chuckle about it and move on, Wiz didn’t even think about telling the fan base that he did that.

It wasn’t until he realized that a month had gone by when he noticed that they continue to use the helmet as a centerpiece! Check out the sweet addition to the dinner table at the Wisniewski residence.

The Centerpiece:

That’s some pretty great stuff right there! It may not be the classiest decoration, but it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. I mean, who cares about a bowl of fruit? A Super Bowl winning helmet is way better than anything else they could’ve used.

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We love the pancaking threat as well. We’re sure anybody who decides to break into Wiz’s home will not know what’s coming to them. We all saw the divisional playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons, right? In one single play, Wisniewski dominated every defender that even came close to touching Jay AJayi. After seeing that, we know that he can and will pancake you, that’s for sure.