Philadelphia Eagles: What you can expect during OTAs


It’s official. It’s time to turn the page on a Super-Bowl winning season by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, since we last saw the Philadelphia Eagles together as a team, we’ve seen coaches leave. We’ve also a fairly exciting free agency period, one of those acquisitions, Michael Bennett, find his way into trouble. Then, there was the NFL Combine, the 2018 NFL Draft and a rookie minicamp. When you look at all of that, it’s hard to still call it an offseason, isn’t it?

Now, as we near the end of our great nation’s fifth month, some of you are watching the NBA Playoffs. It’s probably safe to say the majority of those games, especially in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, have done little to hold your attention.

Might we suggest turning your attention back to football?

Eagles OTAs are under way.

May 22nd marked the first day of Eagles’ OTAs. Philly’s QB1, Carson Wentz, is apparently excited. Take a look:

Here’s what you want to know. Things are starting to look like football again. There are 11-on-11 offensive and defensive drills. There’s no pads and no tackling (okay, so maybe it doesn’t look totally like football), but it will be nice to see guys running around again.

Here’s more of what to expect.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke a little about rookie minicamp and team chemistry a few days ago. Here’s that conversation with team insider Dave Spadaro if you missed it:

Video courtesy of the Eagles official YouTube page

Coach Pederson is also scheduled to meet with the Philly media prior to practice. The team will get some work in starting at around 11:35 AM EST. Players will, then, be available to the media following practice at around 1:55 PM EST.

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The team will practice on the 23rd and 24th as well. They’ll, then, take a break. Practice will resume on May 29th. They’ll take a quick break again, then crank it up May 31st, June 1st and June 4th through June 7th.

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Mandatory minicamp will, then, begin on June 12th and run through 14th. Ladies and gentlemen, we made it through the most grueling part of the year, the time when football ends. Now, it’s time to start putting a team together again. Buckle up. It should be fun.