Eagles’ Wendell Smallwood gets Delaware traffic warrant dropped

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Wendell Smallwood
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 23: Wendell Smallwood /

Eagles running back Wendell Smallwood has traffic warrant dropped in Delaware.

Philadelphia Eagles running back Wendell Smallwood had a traffic warrant in Delaware dropped Thursday by the Justice of the Peace Court after the Delaware native had a meeting with a judge.

The warrant was issued for Smallwood for failing to appear in court for a violation earlier in 2017, this according to the Delaware’s News Journal.

Let’s get you caught up.

Here are the highlights of the story as told by Josephine Peterson and Esteban Parra of the Delaware News Journal:

"Said violation occurred on March 23rd when the Eagles running back was cited for failure to renew his driver’s license and passing or overtaking on the right lane… Smallwood missed the original court date of May 24th and failed to reschedule a new court date within a two-week grace period. Court officials, then, issued a traffic warrant for the Delaware native on June 12th."

The ploy thickens, and the story only got even more wild.

"A court official told the News Journal that the bench warrant was lifted. His fee was suspended, and a new court date was scheduled for July. Shortly afterwards, on April 13th, there was another violation. Smallwood had failed to show up in court, but this time he was with another Eagles running back Corey Clement…The two Eagles running backs were cited for illegally driving an off-highway vehicle off of the Delaware 9 highway and onto county parkland, according to the News Journal…The New Castle County police also charged Smallwood with driving with a suspended or revoked license. Clement paid the $225 fine, but Smallwood missed the court hearing for this violation that was scheduled this past Tuesday."

Can this be, simply, chalked up to a confusion of the dates?

There seemed to be a little confusion between Smallwood and the courts. Here’s a quote from the Delaware native himself:

"There was a mistake in the court date and the judge told him the warrant was incorrect and I was just there a month ago to schedule it."

The  Justice of the Peace Court told the Delaware Newspaper it couldn’t find any evidence of a false warrant. Smallwood played in eight games during the Eagles’ 2017 regular season campaign. He finished with 174 rushing yards and one touchdown in Philly’s crowded backfield. Some are wondering if he’ll make the team this year, but that’s another story.