NFL News: The Alliance of American Football is upon us

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Carson Wentz
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 03: Quarterback Carson Wentz /

The rumors are true. The Alliance of American Football is approaching.

Check this out Philadelphia Eagles fans! Those of you who haven’t heard will find this interesting. Football fans will now have some on-field product to watch when the NFL season concludes in February. The Alliance of American Football is set to launch on February 9th of 2019.

You can thank Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Bill Polian and TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol for the idea. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a rumor. It isn’t a joke. Do not attempt to adjust your screens. We’re not pulling your leg. This is actually happening.

Here’s a part of their statement that can be found on the official website:

"Led by some of the most respected football minds in the game, The Alliance of American Football is high-quality professional football fueled by a dynamic Alliance between players, fans and the game… Founded by TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol and Hall of Famer Bill Polian, The Alliance features eight teams, under a single entity structure, playing a 12-week season kicking-off February 9, 2019 on CBS and culminating with the championship game the weekend of April 26-28, 2019."

How could we mention this without bringing up the WWE and the XFL?

Once upon a time, the chairman and CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon, had an idea to create his own brand of football. It didn’t succeed ultimately, but it did give the NFL a few ideas, some of which they still use today.

Credit the ‘sky cam’ and NFL Films’ decision to ‘mic’ several players during the game to McMahon’s old football league.

Tryouts are approaching.

Perhaps the best idea this upstart league had was going the route of beginning their season at the conclusion of the NFL season. The XFL, on the other hand, had a much bigger plan, replacing the NFL as the die-hard football fans’ go-to source for entertainment.

We all know you can’t beat the NFL, and the XFL learned a very painful lesson in that regard.

This new upstart league, affectionately referred to as ‘The Alliance’, is, again, set to launch on February 9th of the next calendar year, and there are eight cities that will carry the mantle.

Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, San Antonio and Salt Lake city all, now, have a professional football team. Atlanta and Phoenix now have another. Pro football will also return to San Diego, albeit in a way they may not have envisioned.

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If you’re interested in dusting off the old cleats and getting yourself a tryout for one more run at football glory, there are three scheduled dates for the 2018 Alliance Scouting Combine. They include August 4th in Los Angeles, August 8th in Houston and August 25th through the 26th in Atlanta.

Stay tuned. Things are going to get much more interesting.