Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Peters loves to taunt Cowboys fans


Just like the Philadelphia Eagles fan base, Jason Peters loves to talk smack to Dallas Cowboys fans.

What’s better than a player on your favorite team behaving similarly to how the fans act? There’s just something about the Philadelphia Eagles fan base that hometown players seem to love and embrace. Sure, Eagles fans love when their players perform well and win. But they also like a good smack talk session going against the Dallas Cowboys fan base.

The NFC East rivalry has been going on for a few decades now. But in today’s era, the Eagles and Cowboys competition means much more with the uprising of social media. There’s never a dull moment between the two fan bases on a platform like Twitter or Facebook. Any time of the day you could most likely find a heated debate through text between the two fan bases on the internet.

While it is entertaining to see die-hard fans go at it with exchanging words, it is ten times more entertaining when the actual players get involved. It’s no secret that Eagles players have adopted to hate for the Cowboys over the years. And being that veteran left tackle Jason Peters has been in Eagles green since 2009; there is no doubt that he is not too fond of his divisional rival as well.

What does Peters say to a hater?

So the Eagles got lucky, huh? How frustrating does that have to be to hear that? Especially if you are a part of the Eagles. If there is one team who was unlucky this season, it was the Eagles. Players suffered injury after injury, and still, their backups came in and made the most out of every single snap that they played. With that, the Eagles won Super Bowl LII. As the underdogs, of course.

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Also, let’s give some props to the brave Texas fans who decided to discredit the Eagles Super Bowl win to the Bodyguard. With a guy of his size who is coming back with a chip on his shoulder probably doesn’t want to hear anything about just being ‘lucky.’ Fortunatley, Jason Peters is a class act. He’s also just like every other NFL fan outside of the Cowboys fan base who recognizes that they haven’t won anything in over two decades. It’s time to move on already.