Philadelphia Eagles rookie Josh Sweat is beginning to stand out

TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 21: Defensive end Josh Sweat
TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 21: Defensive end Josh Sweat /

The Philadelphia Eagles might’ve got themselves a steal of a draft pick with the fourth-round selection, Josh Sweat.

It’s that time of the year where NFL fans can get some overreactions from training camp. Many players will be deemed superstars before they were ever even on the game field, while some players just haven’t quite hit their stride yet this early on in camp. It’s always hard to tell if a player’s camp performance will translate to the playing field or not, but at least at Philadelphia Eagles camp, we usually have a pretty good idea of who could turn some heads as preseason approaches.

Last season, the Eagles were getting impressive performances by the rookie defensive end, Derek Barnett. While Barnett continues to make a name for himself in his second year, there is a younger prospect behind him on the depth chart that is also gunning for his spot. That is former Florida State defensive end, Josh Sweat.

For a fourth-round pick, it is beginning to sound like Josh Sweat might be the steal of the 2018 NFL Draft. Sweat is a largely sized pass rusher standing tall at six-foot-five and weighing over 250-pounds. For a big guy, Sweat has no issue getting passed his opponents quickly and getting to the quarterback.

Although the Eagles have a surplus of talented guys that have proven that they can do the same, but probably even better, it sure seems like Sweat has stood out enough to avoid being buried on the defensive end’s impressively talented depth chart.

Making a name for himself:

It didn’t take long for Sweat to be a standout at OTAs, and now he takes another step forward as he is having an excellent camp. The chances of Sweat locking in a starting position by September is very slim. But with the way Jim Schwartz likes to rotate his pass rushers, Sweat will most-likely have plenty of opportunities to get on the field and make some plays.

As preseason approaches, Sweat may be the most intriguing rookie prospect to watch. The pressure of him performing like an early round selection has been erased since his injury history sent him to the fourth round. But that is not to say that Sweat can’t perform like a first-round pick, though.

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Seeing that he joined an already elite defensive line, Sweat will get a much better learning experience compared to the other rookie defensive ends in his draft class. Anything can happen at this point since it is still early on. As of right now though, it looks like the Eagles have some pretty high hopes for Sweat’s rookie debut.