Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Dawkins opens up about his depression

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 08: Brian Dawkins /

Former Philadelphia Eagles safety Brian Dawkins opens up about his struggle with depression early on in his career.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are counting down the days to Brian Dawkins induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The former safety and Eagles legend is set to take the stage to receive his gold jacket on August 4th. As Philadelphia fans plan to flock to Canton, Ohio to form a sea of green for the Philly hero, Dawkins is beginning to open up and reflect on his past.

As Eagles fans from all over see Dawkins as a perfectly happy man at all times, he has recently revealed that he has had his fair share of battles with depression. This wasn’t exactly the first time that Dawkins has told anybody in the media that he battled with depression and alcoholism. But this is the first time that he actually went into detail about it.

As Dawkins is back in the spotlight for his Hall of Fame recognition, he has decided to be completely transparent with the media while on his journey to Canton. NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Derrick Gunn recently spent a day at Dawkins home in Colorado. That’s when he took a moment to go into detail about his struggle with depression early on in what would end up being a highly-successful career.

A moment from Dawkins:

Some heavy-hitting stuff from Dawkins. Fortunately, the Eagles legend was able to work through his mental issues and have a long and successful career as a player. As far as his off-the-field life goes, it is pretty clear that Dawkins has become a much better man since his struggles. Since his departure from football, Dawkins has become a mentor to younger players and has also worked in the Eagles front office for a couple of years.

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Dawkins has decided that with his induction into Canton, he will once again walk away from the game of football. Just this time he will retire from the front office, rather than the playing field. Now, the eventual Hall of Famer plans to spend his time giving back by doing what he has described as his”calling.” We have no doubts that Dawkins will strive at a Hall of Fame level in his next business venture.