Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Dallas Goedert injury rumors, Sidney Jones

Sidney Jones (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Sidney Jones (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Rumors began circulating about Dallas Goedert when he left the practice field on Saturday, and Sidney Jones stopped a few before they were started. It’s all here in Philadelphia Eagles roundup.

The preseason is in full swing, and every NFL team has played in at least one preseason game. As you know, the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens have now played in two. After the Philadelphia Eagles left Lincoln Financial Field following a 31-14 rear-end whooping at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Goedert and Sidney Jones were among the conversation pieces.

Why wouldn’t they be? Both were second-round draft choices, Jones a season ago and Goedert this past April.

Let’s begin with Mr. Jones.

This one’s been well documented. Sidney Jones, on March 21st of 2017, went under the knife to repair his Achilles, an injury he suffered during Washington’s pro day. That was supposed to sideline him for the entire 2017 Eagles campaign. Jones worked his way back to the playing field, and on December 30th, he was activated for a meaningless game versus the Dallas Cowboys.

There have been talks that he’d be a nice option for the Eagles’ starting slot corner. On Thursday, versus the Steelers, he had a scare late in the second quarter when teammate Nathan Gerry rolled up on the same leg where Jones suffered the injury. It appears he has a lower ankle sprain, but he was back on the practice field on Saturday morning.

Whenever anyone suffers an injury, we wonder if every limp or bruise is more serious than we hope. In this case, however, everything appears to be fine on that front.

Now, let’s discuss Mr. Goedert.

Goedert shined the first time we saw him during in-game action, hauling in four passes for 66 yards and a touchdown. He’d leave the field on Saturday with what appeared to be an arm injury.

Take a look:

Almost immediately, there began a buzz around social media that he had broken his arm. Fortunately, as of 1 AM EST on Sunday morning, August 12th, there has been no confirmation of that from any reliable source or from the Eagles themselves.

As of now, Goedert’s supposed broken arm is only a rumor.

Next up for the Eagles in the preseason is an away game versus the New England Patriots. Watch. Someone is going to try to bill that as a Super Bowl rematch. Sure, it’s ridiculous to do so, but watch what happens. Someone is almost guaranteed to try it.