Philadelphia Eagles: Peter King weighs in on Carson Wentz’s return

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Carson Wentz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 08: Quarterback Carson Wentz /

Whenever Peter King speaks (or writes), people listen, so who wouldn’t be interested in his thoughts on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz?

Recently, Peter King shared his thoughts on the progress of Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz and whether or not the defending Super Bowl Champions’ QB1 might be ready for the start of the regular season. Tell the truth. Just reading those words makes you want to know what was said. Doesn’t it?

For years, most NFL fans have waited patiently for Peter King’s analysis in his MMQB (Monday Morning Quarterback) column. After all, the man who once served as the top voice in all things NFL at Sports Illustrated deserves the listening ear of everyone from the casual fan to the NFL writer, whether that writer be a babe in this industry or someone who’s covered their local team for 20 years.

He’s now penning a new column over at NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, and on Monday, in a piece written for his column for NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, Peter King’s Football Morning in America, he took some time to weigh in on that same subject, as well as some of the hot topics from around the NFL.

He also appeared on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss this idea in further detail.

According to King, he believes Wentz may return around Week 3 of the regular season, not Week 1 as so many of us originally believed.

Take a look at some of the interview with Patrick:

Video courtesy of Dan Patrick Show’s YouTube page

Here’s some of what was said in his new weekly column:

"Carson Wentz, looks great… But he hasn’t been touched by a defensive player since getting waylaid and injured on the goal line in Los Angeles last Dec. 10. Your quarterback has not yet been cleared for contact by Eagle team medics. Opening night is ten days away. You feel, sincerely, that Wentz is going to be your quarterback for the next 15 years. Would you, despite how good and mobile Wentz looks in videos like the one you see here, hustle to get him ready to have his first contact in nine months against a Falcons team capable of generating significant pressure in the opening game of the NFL season?"

If you don’t think a Peter King opinion holds any weight, just take a look at what they’re talking about on Even with all of that being said, we have to admit that he does have a point right? Some of you have been echoing this statement for quite some time. If you’re one of those people, give yourself a high five, and do it Diamond Dallas Page style.

With that being said, Philly’s bought themselves some time with a fan base and owner that was becoming impatient. They’ve earned themselves a Lombardi Trophy, Nick Foles is the reigning Super Bowl MVP, and despite what we’ve seen in the preseason, most are comfortable with the prospect of allowing ‘Saint Nick’ to man the controls of a struggling Eagles offense.

Here’s a message to Philly. Get this right. Don’t rush anything. Only put Wentz on the field when he’s absolutely ready to go. Mr. King thinks it’s the right idea. So do the coaches. So does everybody here at ITI.

Well, it’s not ike our opinion counts, but you get the idea.