Brent Celek, Jon Dorenbos join Eagles fans in London


Former Philadelphia Eagles Brent Celek, and Jon Dorenbos took a trip out to London for the first time to hang with Eagles fans.

For the first time, the Philadelphia Eagles are a part of the NFL’s international series. Majority of the team hasn’t had the opportunity to play ‘across the pond,’and Eagles fans will have to get up bright and early in the States in order to watch them take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Sunday.

London has been flooded with Eagles fans so far this week. And trust us, there’s no over exaggeration when we say that London is flooded with Eagles fans. But there’s two special fans of the team that plenty of other fellow fans may be familiar with.

Along with the thousands of other screaming Eagles fans, former tight end Brent Celek, and the magic man long snapper, Jon Dorenbos took a trip to London for a chance to be fans together for the first time this weekend. And as expected, Brent Celek brought some of his shiny jewelry with him.

Dorenbos and Celek take on London

This weekend, the Eagles have plenty of plans around London as fans flock over one day at a time. So, for any fans out there, you will have an opportunity to find Dorenbos and Celek somewhere rocking a sweet Eagles scarf with a shiny new Super Bowl ring on his finger.

It’s unfortunate that both guys couldn’t play this weekend, but it will still be pretty cool to see the overview of their trip as fans. Now, we are just wondering one more thing, where’s the rest of the former players at?

I guess not everybody had it in their plans to check out the Eagles overseas for the first time. They will be like the rest of us getting up bright and early to catch the kickoff on Sunday. Hopefully, the time difference doesn’t affect the Eagles too much.

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