Philadelphia Eagles: Will Mike Wallace or Mack Hollins return?

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 31: Wide receiver Mack Hollins /

The Philadelphia Eagles have room for one more player to return from the Injured Reserve this year. Will it be Mike Wallace or Mack Hollins?

We all know just how tough this year has been when it came to injuries for the Philadelphia Eagles. There were nonstop issues all year long, and it really felt like every single week there was a new player that was headed to injured reserve. So far, the Eagles have gained two players back into the mix. Timmy Jernigan returned, and Richard Rodgers came back. Now, the Eagles can bring back one more player. Will it be Mike Wallace or Mack Hollins?

When Mike Wallace went down with his leg injury back in week two, he was told that he could expect a return by December. And with his original timeframe, Wallace would be on pace to return by next week. Although that’s what we were told back in September, we have to assume that Wallace is not going to be fully ready to go by then. As for Hollins, he hasn’t suited up at all this year. Not in the regular season, and not in the preseason.

Over the offseason, Hollins had a surgical procedure done due to a herniated disc. Since he’s been out, the Eagles haven’t really offered any information about the second-year wideout. It’s been tough to get accurate injury updates out of Doug Pederson this season – As expected, he hasn’t been very open about Hollins’ recovery. Seeing as though Hollins hasn’t been talked about at all, our best guess is that he probably won’t return this year.

So, what about Mike Wallace?

Assuming that Hollins won’t play this season, that leaves us with thinking Mike Wallace could be available pretty soon. So, where is he at with his progress? According to Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, Wallace is starting to run again, which is excellent news! However, he knows that he is not quite ready to get back onto the field and play football again.

With four games left on the year, there’s a slight chance that Wallace comes back for the last couple of games. If the Eagles are pushing for a playoff spot, then it would make sense to get Wallace back into the mix as they can use a deep threat for a playoff run.

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If the Eagles happen to be eliminated by that time, then it wouldn’t really make sense for Wallace to return this season. Right now, the Eagles will have to work with what they got. Wallace won’t be a part of the team for at least the next couple of weeks, and it looks like Hollins will have no involvement at all. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just been the story of the 2018 Philadelphia Eagles.