10 Reactions to Philadelphia Eagles winning in Week 16

Amidst ‘Victory Monday’ hashtags and the hysteria that still surrounds the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 16 victory, ITI’s found some of the best reactions to an amazing game.

It took until Week 15 in the NFL for most of us to see it, but versus the Los Angeles Rams, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles finally saw what they wanted to see all along, the heart of a champion. Then, the magic carried over into Week 16. Nick Foles and company did it again.

They defeated another division-leading opponent in the form of the Houston Texans. It would take everything, but that’s exactly what ‘The Birds’ were willing to give, everything. In the end, Eagles fans were treated to a 32-30 victory.

‘Saint Nick’ was among the first to thank Eagles fans for being their normal raucous selves. Take a look.

Ladies and gentlemen, Foles is a class act. Even in the most tense moments, he remained the picture of class. Check out this week from NBC Sports Philly’s Dave Zangaro.

See in the end, we all figured something out. It’s not always about wins an losses. It’s sports. You’ll always lose more than you win. All we want from our teams is to see them fight, and regardless of how 2018’s regular season ends, we seem to have been given the only thing we wanted from our Eagles.

We just wanted to see them go down swinging if they were going to go down.

One day, we’ll all be old Eagles fans and we’ll, hopefully, tell our grandchildren, the next crop of Eagles fans, about the day one of the most beloved quarterbacks in Eagles history ignited his teammates and set a franchise record.

471 yards is the most passing yards by any Eagles quarterback in franchise history.

Foles’ performance marked the first time that an Eagles quarterback threw for 400 yards and four touchdowns since, well, the last time Foles threw for 400 yards and four touchdowns.

Let’s get some reactions from the guys who have shared the field with him. Here are a couple of reactions from Julian Vandervelde and a man that’s definitely earned his Eagles wings, Chris Long.

Love like that is to be expected. Love from an old foe is another story. Philly’s victory helped shape the AFC Playoff picture as well. A Houston Texans loss now means the New England Patriots slide into the second seed, and the Pats had no problem thanking the same guy who torched them last February.

Any Philadelphia Eagles fan knows who Merrill Reese is. He’s the voice of the Eagles, and he had this to say.

If this is truly Foles’ final game with the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, he definitely wrote a storybook ending. Let’s get a quote from Foles himself.

It’s emotional. I love playing in Philly. I knew there was a chance this could be it. I don’t think about the future, but I am aware of that because this city means a lot a lot me, this team means a lot to me, wearing that jersey means a lot to me.

Will Foles be back. Chances are that he won’t be, but son’t expect his time in Philly to be viewed as business only. As Reese stated, the fans will love him forever, and the feeling is mutual.

This was a special one tonight. I don’t know what the future holds. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m just going to focus on now, enjoy just being in Philadelphia, enjoy the people, enjoy wearing this jersey because it’s one of the most special moments of my life.

The Eagles are alive for now, thanks to another dramatic victory, but is it ‘too little that’s come too late’? We’ll have to wait and see. There’s one more game on the schedule.

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