Chris Long hilariously responds to his brother’s recent comments


The Long brother’s rivalry is in full effect this week as Chris Long has finally responded to his brother’s joke.

Last week, the Chicago Bears were fortunate enough to get one of their injured veterans back on the team in time for the playoff run. And now instead of playing the Minnesota Vikings for the third time in 2018-2019, the Bears will get a fresh opponent as they are set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in round one. With that, Kyle Long will be set to match up against his brother, Chris Long, who plays defensive end for the Eagles.

This won’t be the first time that an Eagles player will face off against his brother in the playoffs. Last season, former Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks was playing against his brother Eric Kendricks, of the Vikings. There’s a significant difference in this brotherly matchup though. While the Kendricks brothers both play defense, they never actually had to face one another. The Long brothers, on the other hand, will have to go head-to-head this week.

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Kyle Long doesn’t want to play friendly since their season is on the line. So for this week, and this week alone, Kyle has decided to call off his brotherhood with Chris as he says they are no longer related until after Sunday. He’s focused on the number task, and that’s winning. There’s no time for friendly jokes on the field when the Wild Card round is on the line.

Chris Long finally responds

It took a little while, but Chris Long has finally responded to his brothers joke about them no longer being related. He took to Twitter to write up a small joke that involved his two-year-old son, Waylon. For those of you who don’t follow Chris Long on Twitter, I must add that he’s very sarcastic, although it’s hard to tell through text. So whatever he says, typically isn’t all that serious, despite what people who reply think about what he’s saying.

As it comes as no surprise, some fans actually bought into the idea that Chris Long’s two-year-old son has a Twitter and is active on his timeline. So as Long had some downtime on Thursday night, he decided to troll some of the people in his mentions, who were shocked and confused that his son has a Twitter. Check out some more of the hilarious Tweets.

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