Former Bachelor contestant discusses Nick Foles’ nickname


Nick Foles’ nickname that was made famous during his Super Bowl run has recently been brought up again by former Bachelor contestant, Adam Gottschalk.

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles is going to go down as a legend in Philly. As Foles held the Vince Lombardi trophy up for the first time in franchise history, there was no denying that the Eagles quarterback was going to be forever remembered in the city that drafted him. While Foles is undeniably going to go down as a legend in Philly sports, it’s also necessary to bring up what was initially an urban legend about Foles, which has seemed to be confirmed as real and not just some sort of ongoing myth amongst those who know him.

Have you caught onto what I am talking about yet? I won’t go into specifics here, people. But a rumor started back in 2013 about Nick Foles when he was having a magical second season with the Eagles. Apparently, the story started flying around about Nick Foles, which earned him a nickname that would later be chanted all around the city as the Eagles paraded down Broad Street. If you are unaware of what I am talking about, then allow former Bachelor contestant Adam Gottschalk explain what exactly caused this rumor.

Gottschalk discusses Foles with the PhillyVoice

As Gottschalk, and his girlfriend, Raven Gates are planning on heading to Philly for a live show this month, they caught up with the Philadelphia-based blog PhillyVoiceWhile the two mainly discussed what they got going on in their lives, PhillyVoice reporter Eddie Ravert decided to end the interview on an exciting note that would have Eagles fans interested.

As many of you may not know, Gottschalk is a former Arizona Wildcats football player, where he was teammates with Nick Foles. So, a question about the local legend was necessary. However, Gottschalk didn’t hold back when discussing Foles. Along with crediting Foles’ maturity as a college student-athlete, Gottschalk automatically confirmed what many of us have heard.

"“Nick was very humble, and a great leader at U of A. His wife Tori was on the volleyball team, and then those two like just kind of lived a more grown up life compared to everyone. He really never went out or anything but you knew he was always kind of the underdog. When he got called up and he performed his first game and threw his first touchdown, you knew at that moment that this guy was going to take this team and go places in life.”"

Gottschalk could’ve ended off there, but he decided to reveal one more thing. As Ravert asked Foles’ former teammate to tell a funny story about Foles if he had one, this is the direction that the former Wildcat decided to go with his answer.

"“Oh man. The only thing that is really funny, that has been brought up before, is basically how Nick ‘hangs’ in the locker room, if you know what I mean. He packs a third leg. It’s so true.”"

Well, alright then. There you have it, Eagles fans. The man who is known around the city as ‘BDN’ has apparently earned his nickname. Not only did Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce speak on it before, but now another former teammate of Foles’ decided to bring it up as well. Good for him.

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