Brian Dawkins defends the loyalty of Philadelphia fans


Former Philadelphia Eagles legend Brian Dawkins took to Twitter to defend the loyalty of Philly fans.

If any opposing fans want to smack talk those who root for Philadelphia sports teams, don’t do it in front of Philadelphia Eagles legend, Brian Dawkins, because he will check you on it if he sees it. And it won’t be pretty. For those who have no clue as to what I am referring to, let me start from the beginning.

As the MLB offseason starts to wind down (or actually get started?) Philadelphia Phillies fans are anticipating their team to sign the most prominent prospect available in Bryce Harper. Although Harper has been linked to the Phillies more than anyone, there have been reports that the Baseball superstar is supposedly doubting the idea of playing in Philly.

Why is that? Well, we don’t know exactly. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Harper could be joining a team that has booed, and despised him since the beginning of his career. And the supposed rumors about those terrible Philly fans could be true. After all, if you don’t exceed expectations in this town, you will hear it from the stands, that’s for sure.

Whatever the doubts may be though, there are many current, and former Philly athletes who are trying on their baseball recruiting hats as the Phillies talks with Harper gets close to being a done deal. One former player, in particular, who was attempting to persuade Bryce Harper to come to Philly is none other than Philadelphia legend, former Eagles safety, Brian Dawkins.

Dawkins attempts to recruit Harper

Dawkins was just trying to do his best to get a big-name star to come to the city that has had his back since the day he was drafted to the Eagles. Although Dawkins and Harper play two different sports, Phillies and Eagles fans are typically the same. After all, Lincoln Financial Field is pretty much next to Citizens Bank Park anyway. Now, Harper didn’t respond to Dawkins’ tweet, but many fans did. However, there was one person who was critical of Philly fans, which seemed to get under the skin of Dawkins and warranted a reply.

I’m not sure who this fellow roots for when it comes to baseball, but it definitely isn’t the Phillies. Anyway, so Dawkins caught onto the snarky remark, which made him feel like he needed to defend the Philly fans, who have never let him go. Maybe the Eagles former front office workers felt the team didn’t ‘need him anymore,’ but not for a moment did Philly fans share those feelings.

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After spending 13 seasons donning midnight green in the City of Brotherly Love, Dawkins has come to realize that Philly fans can be the most loyal to their players as long as they give it all they got on the field in their respective sport. Obviously, you might have to do it at somewhat of a Hall of Fame level for them to really appreciate it, but for a player like Harper that shouldn’t be a problem. Be smart, Bryce. Make the right decision, and listen to Weapon X.